The Vangard S-Tech Spring 2017 Range

The Vangard S-Tech Spring 2017 Range

Bold design, vivid colors, powerful performance. Vangard S-Tech goalkeeper glove range is created for the competitive goalkeeper to provide match standard performance across the range, in all weather conditions, with a range of cuts to suit every need and every level, without the hefty price tag.

About Us

Vangard...literally, the leading part of an advanced military formation.

S-Tech...Advanced goalkeeper glove materials exceptionally formulated into visually stunning, premium and affordable goalkeeper gloves for the modern, competitive goalkeeper. 

VangardS-Tech is the new and innovative goalkeeper apparel and design company specializing in goalkeeper gloves and goalkeeping apparel. 

Vangard S-Tech represents quality, breath taking design and pure innovation in goalkeeper glove technology, think therefore, when you purchase your pair of Vangard S-Tech, that you are truly donning premium quality goalkeeper gloves...without the hefty price tag.

The 2017/2018 range will exemplify only the highest match standard requirements of some of the very best goalkeepers and goalkeeper trainers in the world.

Vangard S-Tech goalkeeper gloves were born from a passion for the art of goalkeeping. Team Vangard encompass an energetic young platoon of goalkeeping professionals across the globe with years of top flight goalkeeper playing and training experience at the elite level of football.

Founded by John Stevanja in 20017, the design team at Vangard S- Tech have extensively researched and engaged the needs of elite goalkeepers and goalkeeper trainers in our extensive global network.

Core to our design principles, and the feedback we have received from goalkeepers of all levels of ability are simple, premium quality gloves, without the premium price tag.

Vangard S-Tech differentiates itself over other brands by providing exceptional quality glove manufacture and design with truly innovative glove technology at a price level that is accessible by goalkeepers at any level of play.

I hope that you enjoy the continual evolution of the Vangard S-Tech goalkeeper glove range, as much as the Vangard team are passionately working around the clock to continually cook up the very best in goalkeeper glove and apparel design.

Feel free to reach out to any of the team via our contact form, or join the discussion and show your love for the Vangard S-Tech brand on our Facebook or Instagram profiles today.

John Stevanja

Founder; Vangard S-Tech